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  1. Scrum A Pocket Guide by Gunther Verheyen – PDF: Specializes in titles on best practices, methods and standards within four domains: IT Management, Architecture, Business and Project Management.
  2. SBOK Guide VMEDU (SBOK Guide English) – PDF: Full Guide for the exam with Scrum Study.
  3. SBOK Guide 3rd Edition Spanish (SBOL Guide Spanish)  – – PDF: Full Guide in Spanish for the exam with Scrum Study
  4. ITIL V3 2011 Service Strategy SS.pdf
  5. ITIL V3 2011 Service Design SD.pdf
  6. ITIL V3 2011 Service Operation SO.pdf
  7. ITIL V3 2011 Continual Service Improvement CSI.pdf

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  1. Practice Standard WBS end Edition –> Second Edition (Reaffirmed) provides direction for the preliminary development and implementation of the WBS.  Throughout this standard, you will learn what characterizes a high-quality WBS and discover the substantial benefits of using the WBS in everyday, real-life situations.
  2. The Standard For Organizational Project Manager – PDF: Organizational project management (OPM) is the framework used to align project, program, and portfolio management practices with organizational strategy and objectives, and customizing or fitting these practices within the organization’s context, situation, or structure. This Standard for Organizational Project Management (OPM) provides guidance to organizational management, PMO staff, and practitioners on these topics.
  3. Standard For Program Management 4th Edition English &
  4. Standard For Program Management 4th Edition Spanish &
  5. Standard For Program Management 4th Edition French: Programs have proven vital to implementing strategic initiatives—and critical to organizational success.  The Standard for Program Management – Fourth Edition is the definitive guide for individuals and organizations seeking to mature their program management practices. It is principle-based, making it a powerful tool for a broad range of organizations, regardless of project delivery.
  6. Agile Practice Guide – English &
  7. Agile Practice Guide – Spanish &
  8. Agile Practice Guide – Hindi &
  9. Agile Practice Guide – French &
  10. Agile Practice Guide – Germany &
  11. Agile Practice Guide – Portuguese &
  12. Agile Practice Guide – Japanese  –> provides tools, situational guidelines and an understanding of the various agile approaches available to enable better results. It is especially useful for those project managers accustomed to a more traditional environment to adapt to a more agile approach.
  13. PMBOK 6th edition Spanish
  14. PMBOK 6th edition French –> REQUEST A COPY BY EMAIL
  15. PMBOK 6th edition Hindi –> REQUEST A COPY BY EMAIL
  16. PMBOK 6th edition Germany  &
  17. PMBOK 6th edition English –> REQUEST A COPY BY EMAIL
  18. PMBOK 6th edition Portuguese –> REQUEST A COPY BY EMAIL
  19. Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide –> Organizational change projects are the fourth most common type of project undertaken, but only 20 percent of organizations adopt a formal organizational change management practice. Studies show that organizations achieve higher success rates by using standardized portfolio, program and project management techniques in concert with rigorous change management approaches.
  20. Organizational PM Maturity 3rd Edition – PDF:  Organizations benefit from achieving organizational project management maturity — when projects aren’t just executed randomly, but are tied to business strategy and support business goals. The Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) – Third Edition is a global standard that provides the tools organizations need to measure their maturity against a comprehensive set of organizational best practices.
  21. The Standard For OPM Government and Ext of PMBOK 3th Edition – PDF:  This standard outlines the guiding principles for government projects and provides a framework to support efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. It addresses an overview of the key processes used in most public sectors, defines key terms, describes how government projects operate and reviews government program life cycles.
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