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Marketing Strategy

In this course Growing Your Business, we look at the stages of growth that a business goes through and the corresponding challenges during each stage. A growing business represents its own unique challenges that many people often don’t think about.

Many small businesses dream of growth – increased sales turnover, increased customers etc., but unless the company is geared to handle that growth – the company may find the whole operation could be at risk because they simple ‘can’t handle’ it.

This situation is called ‘over trading’. We look at where you are now, and how the growth framework (which is a method whereby your business could grow exponentially) works and we look at ways and ideas in which the business could grow. A few simple changes – could result in huge increases. Simple, measurable changes. We discuss the ways to manage the process because a growing business requires more resources and expertise to manage it. We look at 10 key issues when growth is present and how these could mitigate.

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