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Re-Certifications instead of RCU

Scrum Developer Certified – SDC – Recertification: $70 Canadian Dollars |  50 minutes | 40 questions
Scrum Master Certified – SMC – Recertification: $130 Canadian Dollars | 60 minutes | 50 questions
Scrum Aguile Master Certified – SAMC – Recertificaton: $220 Canadian Dollars |  60 minutes | 50 questions
Scrum Product Owner Certified – SPOC – Recertification: $130 Canadian Dollars | 90 minutes | 70 questions
Scaled Scrum Master Certified – SSMC – Recertification: $130 Canadian Dollars | 45 minutes | 35 questions
Scaled Scrum Product Owner Certified- SSPOC – Recertification: $220 Canadian Dollars | 45 minutes | 35 questions
Expert Scrum Master Certified – Recertification: $250 Canadian Dollars | 120 minutes | 100 questions

Recertification Process

We have news for all people certified by SCRUMstudy body institute
We have been receiving feedback from students as well as partners that the RCU process is confusing and most of the partner RCU courses do not meet the SCRUMstudy course quality standards. Based on the feedback received, we have decided to completely overhaul the RCU (Re-certification Unit) process required to maintain the Scrum/Agile certification. As compared to the existing process of earning RCUs every three years to maintain certification, the new simplified process would require a student to just take the corresponding Recertification Exam to maintain his/her certification. Also, with immediate effect, all partner RCU courses have been removed from the VMEdu platform. Certifications can be renewed only by taking the Recertification Exam.

  1. Recertification exam includes:
    1. online course valid for 3 months
    2. online un-proctored exam
    3. two free retakes
  2. The recertification exam will be enabled 6 months before the certificate expiry date.
  3. All students whose certificates have already expired or expired on or before 31st May 2020 can renew their certificates via the recertification exam process by 31st May 2020.
  4. From 1st June 2020, students whose certificates have expired can no longer renew their certificates through the recertification exam. Students with expired certificates would have to take the full certification exam. The new certificate will be valid for the next 3 years and be eligible for the recertification exam process in the last 6 months before exp


Passing any SCRUMstudy™ Certificate to Renew Previous Certificates: Apart from using the Recertification route to renew certificates, students can now pass any SCRUMstudy™ certification exam to renew all their existing certificates. Once a student passes any SCRUMstudy™ certification or Recertification exam, all his/her existing certificates get renewed for 3 years from the date of passing this certification exam. For example, let us assume that a student has an SDC® certificate expiring on 25th April 2020. He/She passes SMC® exam on 15th April 2020. Based on the change to the process, the SDC® certificate for this student will get renewed for 3 years from 15th April 2020.

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Scrum Development Re-Certification SDC, Scrum Master Re-Certification SMC, Scrum Agile Master Re-Certification SAMC, Scrum Product Owner Re-Certification SPOC, Scaled Scrum Master Re-Certification SSMC, Scaled Scrum Project Owner Re-Certification SSPOC, Expert Scrum Master Re-Certification ESMC


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